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Gibsonville Swim Club Application

Primary Member

The 'primary member' is who's name the membership should be recorded in, will serve as the primary contact, and will be the name used when checking in to the club.

Membership Type

We currently offer 2 membership types:

1) Individual Membership

2) Family Membership

  1. Individual Membership: This is a membership for an individual who is 21+ years old. It is valid for the Primary Member only. It includes 5 guest passes per swim season that can be used at the discretion of the Primary Member.

  2. Family Membership: This is a membership for a Primary Member, their spouse (if applicable), and all dependents that currently reside in the same household as the Primary Member.

Desired Membership Type
Family Membership
Individual Membership

Current GSC Member Reference

I have a reference of a current GSC member, and you may contact them to inquire about my application.
I do not have a reference of a current GSC member.

Declarations & Signatures

I affirm that the information provided herein is accurate, complete, and truthful. This information will be utilized by the Board of Directors of Gibsonville Swim Club, Inc. (the Club) to assess my eligibility for membership acquisition and retention. I am aware that any alterations to this information, with the exception of changes in dependent children due to birth, legal adoption, or death, must be reported in writing to the Club within two months.

I understand that if the relationship status between the Applicants changes in a way that disqualifies the membership based on the Bylaws’ criteria, the Board of Directors may revoke the membership. The handling of the membership in such cases will adhere to the names listed on the Membership Application and/or Membership Certificate.

By submitting this application, I confirm that I have either reviewed the Bylaws & Rules of the Gibsonville Swim Club or have been given the chance to do so. I agree to abide by these Bylaws and the pool usage rules that have been established.

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