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Pool Manager

Working with autonomy yet in coordination with the management team, this position is responsible for the management of day-to-day pool operations at the Gibsonville Swim Club.


Responsibilities include upholding policies and procedures to ensure the efficient and effective functioning of pool facilities. The role encompasses lifeguard hiring, training, and supervision.  In addition, this role is responsible for overseeing all aspects of swimming pool operations, including first aid, scheduling, and member relations.


The Pool Manager should exhibit exceptional organizational, communication, and public relations skills and be available to work holidays and weekends throughout the swim season.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

Personnel Management:
Collaborate with the GSC Board Members in lifeguard hiring.
- Prepare employee schedules to ensure adequate lifeguard coverage during pool hours.
- Monitor and report employee hours to ensure compliance with work regulations.
- Provide thorough training for staff members under direct supervision.
- Manage staff rotations and breaks.
- Conduct midsummer performance reviews for lifeguards and address any issues.
- Address and resolve any conflicts among lifeguards promptly and effectively

Operational Management:
- Ensure the proper functioning of all equipment.
- Maintain cleanliness throughout the facility, including restrooms and pool area.
- Keep track of pool attendance and handle cash transactions.
- Maintain accurate daily paperwork and coordinate with the Board Treasurer.
- Ensure the availability and proper stocking of the pool first aid kit.
- Handle first aid incidents as they arise.
- Promptly notify the Board of any equipment repairs or supply needs.
- Coordinate events and member pool parties outside regular hours, such as swim meets.

Public Relations Management:
- Enforce pool rules and regulations with both staff and members.
- Maintain discipline and promptly document any disciplinary issues or accidents.
- Address member complaints in real-time during pool hours.
- Notify the Board immediately of unresolved member issues.
- Assist lifeguards in monitoring weather conditions for member safety.
- Make informed decisions regarding pool closure during inclement weather and ensure proper member notification through various channels.
- Actively contribute to community engagement and membership growth efforts.

This job description aims to outline the primary responsibilities of the Pool Manager position while acknowledging that additional duties may arise. Reasonable accommodations will be provided as per the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Education & Experience:
Preference will be given to candidates with substantial knowledge and experience in pool management operations. A high school diploma or equivalent is required, with general management experience preferred. Lifeguard Training Certification, CPR, and First Aid Certification are also preferred.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
The ideal candidate should possess strong leadership skills to manage a diverse staff and effectively resolve conflicts. Exceptional organizational, public relations, and communication skills are essential. The Pool Manager should demonstrate proficiency in decision-making related to employee scheduling, supply management, and customer and employee discipline. Basic math skills are required, along with the ability to operate equipment properly.

Working Conditions:
The position may involve manual labor and exposure to extreme weather conditions and chemicals.

Physical Requirements:

Candidates should be proficient swimmers and capable of performing manual tasks such as lifting, carrying, and pushing heavy objects. Climbing in and out of the swimming pool and up and down ladders is also required. Effective verbal and written communication skills are necessary to convey instructions to employees and the general public.
This revised job description aims to clarify expectations, emphasize key responsibilities, and present the Pool Manager role as an engaging opportunity within the Gibsonville Swim Club.

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